Fabian Duran
Support Staff, Office Staff, Ride Director, Driver
Mountain biking in Costa Rica is very famous, all the time there are more people outside riding bicycles because people have started thinking about their lifestyle and mountain biking is an excellent sport with all the wondrous ecology in Costa Rica that we have: mountains everywhere, trails, routes, and more that you can't have any excuses to do not do it. This is the time when you have to think green; pollution, traffic jams, accidents, heart attacks, too much going on lately in the entire world, so we believe that the people are creating more consciousness and mountain biking is an excellent tool and option to start doing something for this world. Costa Rica is a nice country and we want to keep it that way, always green and beautiful, so thanks the easy access to great areas for biking there is big chance to have more opportunity for the riding community to keep growing. Essential Costa Rica, Pura Vida!!!

Carlos Díaz
Support Staff, Office Staff

Marcos Gaitan
Support Staff, Office Staff
From Costa Rica to the World, lovely people... that's why I live in this country. I love it. "Pura vida" means nothing without really take and enjoy all the San Jose rides offers you...

Cristel Rojas
Support Staff, Office Staff
Me encanta practicar deportes, en especial el ciclismo de montaña, me encanta reírme y disfrutar de la vida.

Grettel Soto
Support Staff, Office Staff
Hacer deporte no solo por salud si no por que amas lo que haces es una de las mejores satisfacciones de la vida, el mountain bike es para mi compartir alegrias, experiencias y sobre todo amigos.